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The Biomedical & Clinical Engineering Association of Ireland - BEAI - was set up in 1992 in response to the demands of the growing number of technicians working on electromedical equipment in the public sector. Various sub-committees have been formed to investigate education, publications, training, and professional restructuring. Much has been achieved since the inauguration of the BEAI, including the development of a professional profile and opportunities for further education and training.

Spectrum 2017 Spring

Publication date: 
21 Feb 2017
Spectrum 2017 Spring


A warm welcome to the first edition of the Spectrum Journal, 2017. What a quick year that has been!

This edition is packed with interesting articles and news pieces to keep you informed, educated and updated. There’s an update on our Continuing Education Series; a review of the 2016 Annual Scientific Conference; various scientific articles, including topics discussed at the conference and other items, such as a review on radio frequency interference with telemetry systems and Kieran Healy’s Roving Reporter.

We have also included a heartfelt tribute from Brendan Tuohy and his team to Wil van der Putten, on his passing this time last year.

Our 2016 Annual Scientific Conference broke all records previously set, with more attendees, more exhibitors and a higher profile than previous conferences. This conference was extra special for the BEAI, being its 21st Annual Scientific Conference. We celebrated by presenting all previous chairpersons with a unique piece of glassware to mark the occasion, and held a social event in the evening where entertainment was provided.