Continuing Education Series - Anaesthesia Science and Technology Education Course

22 Oct 2020 - 9:00am

 Time & Venue to be Finalised


A day long course, which may run over 2 modules, this Anaesthesia Science and Technology Course will cover all aspects of anesthetics today, including history to current health and safety regulations, and Electrical Safety Regulations. It will provide practical tips and suggestions for introducing standard protocols and trouble-shooting.

Course Format

The course will be a lecture type seminar with practical demonstrations and a question and answer session.

Who is this Course Suitable for?

This course is suitable for: 

  • Clinical Engineers
  • Health and Social Care Professionals
  • Clinicians
  • Nurses
  • Operation Theathre Attendants
  • Ancillary AHCP


What will the course cover?

  1. History of Anaesthesia
  2. Respiratory Physiology and Ventilation
  3. Anaesthetic Science and Environment
  4. The Anaesthetic Machine – as a System
  5. The Anaesthetic Machine – at Component Level
  6. Anaesthetic Workstations and Associated Equipment
  7. General Safety, and Electrical Safety Standards, and Awareness as applied to the Anaesthetic Environment
  8. Set Up and Anaesthetic Checklist Protocols
  9. Anaesthetic Machine Standards
  10. Anaesthetic Machine Fault Finding, Troubleshooting and Testing


Watch this space for registration details.