Prevention, Care and Cure using technology

High Tech Campus Eindhoven
5641 Eindhoven
24 Nov 2015 - 9:30am


Connected devices in the hospital and at home, robotic telemedicine, nanotube sensors, wearables; the health care industry is rising in a high-speed tempo. How can technology benefit healthcare? What is the current status? And what developments can we expect in the near future?

The Health Tech Event is set-up around these kind of questions. It offers an open atmosphere for both health and tech professionals to meet, learn and explore the crossroads of science, technology and business in med-tech and sensors.

The Health Tech Conference program includes keynotes and a range of breakout presentations in several parallel sessions.

The following topics will be covered during the conference:

  • Innovation in Medical Devices / Wearables
  • Big data in Health Care
  • Wellbeing @ Work
  • Wellbeing @ Home
  • Early detection
  • Dealing with mild cognitive and physical decline
  • Application of Photonics in Health Care
  • Robotics in Health Care
  • Ethical aspects / legal issues / security

Anyone curious in where technology will take us in healthcare and wants to increase its network in this field, should join the cutting edge program.

The Health Tech Event does not only contain a conference. Attendees can also join the refreshing conversations around the exhibition, where several established companies as well as promising startups will show their innovative products and/or services.

If you are curious about Business Modelling & Strategies for Health Care, attend the BMS-Summit on November 23 as well.

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Who should attend the Health Tech Event?
Academic and non-academic hospitals, clinical engineers, research institutions, universities, insurance companies, system integrators, service providers, operators / ISP’s, hardware manufacturers, software developers, venture capital, financial industry, design companies, IP / legal and regulation bodies.

The Health Tech Event is organized by Jakajima in cooperation with High Tech Campus Eindhoven and EIT Digital.