Spectrum - Call for Articles

Dear Members,

We are currently putting together our ‘Spring edition’ of the Spectrum journal and would like to invite you all to submit an article, news item and/or discussion on a topic related to biomedical engineering for consideration in this edition.

Submitting an article is an excellent way to showcase some work you may have carried out, to inform fellow colleagues of interesting technology emerging at present or simply to initiate discussion between engineers around the country.

We have extended the date for final submission to Mon 27th January 2014, due to a busy start to the year experienced by all.

As you are already aware, the BEAI’s website is in the final stages of being revamped and part of this project includes a new way of archiving previous editions of Spectrum for our members and the wider public to enjoy. The table of contents will be searchable through Google so people all over the world can request access to an article if they are interested in the subject topic.

Log on to our website www.beai.ie to access previous editions of Spectrum.

If you are having difficulties logging in or have forgotten your username/password, please use the Contact Us section of the website or email Oleg on treasurer@beai.ie

Please see below a few notes re article submissions to make it easier for us to publish the article.

1.       Articles should be provided in word doc format.

2.       Images, graphs and photographs should be provided as separate files (e.g. jpg, bmp etc) rather than embedded in a word document.

3.       Please ensure that all images, particularly photographs are high enough resolution for print. Photos should be a minimum 300 DPI (dots per inch). In practice, this means images larger than 250KB in size.

4.       Articles should contain the authors’ name, job title, place of work and contact email address.

5.       Please use single inverted commas rather than double for report speech.

6.       Articles should be edited to suit page size, so approximately 450 words for one page and 900 words for two pages etc.