SPHeRE Network 2nd Annual Conference

123 St Stephen’s Green
Dublin 2
29 Feb 2016 - 9:00am

“Population health and health services research in Ireland: current trends and future directions"

This SPHeRE Network annual conference provides an opportunity for an exclusive focus on the key issues relevant to population health and health care delivery on the island of Ireland. It brings together representatives of the academic, policy and practice communities and highlights the diverse range research emerging from Irish academic and policy institutions.

The aim of the annual conference is to create a space for dialogue between all interested stakeholders in the field of Population and Health Services Research throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland and to showcase existing studies which will be of interest to Irish policymakers and practitioners.

The first SPHeRE Network Annual conference developed an overarching theme of enhancing quality through partnership and challenged researchers on the need to involve all key stakeholders in a meaningful way throughout the research process. The second conference will build on this, taking forward the themes of quality and partnership – both in research and practice – and examine the role of strong leadership in a change environment. The specific role of population health research in informing and leading changing approaches to health promoting interventions will be explored.